Wednesday, September 11

Nutrition: Fairly decent, with PORK RINDS for supper. Noms!

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 930p-645a, 77% quality. Wide awake about 3-4a; bathroom & water, didn't try eating anything. Some monkey mind, but kept it mostly to a minimum. Slept in thanks to having canceled class already yesterday. Blissful. Got to work after 8a, like a slacker.

Healthy Movement: Calves even tighter than yesterday. Energy level is low. And Lisa's back was unhappy, so we ran less than a mile and then just walked & talked, 1.96m total. It was nice.

Fun & Play: Walking with Lisa. Hearing from consultants who love our guts. A round of fetch with my silly pups. More family than usual at the hospital.

Stress: Massive massive work stress. Difficult conversation that I've been dreading for, oh, two weeks now. Went better than I expected, but possibly because I was not as firm as I should have been. Also so overwhelmed by my to-do list and inbox that I want to give up. I'm no good at this leadership thing. Feeling a little defeated and hateful by the time I left.

Difficult hospital visit, with the FIL very agitated and restless again. We did get some good news: he will be able to move to the Melrose nursing home on Monday, which is literally just down the hallway, and a private room. However, the MIL says this with a sad addendum: "if he makes it that long..."

Grateful: For Hop's employer. He is down to just two days of vacation, but they told him not to worry about it, take however much time he needs, they will work it out. That's incredibly generous. So very, very grateful.

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