Thursday, September 5

Nutrition: Oh, the calories. Oh, the work stress. Oh, the emotional exhaustion. Oh, it's deadlift day. Oh, who cares.

Acne: Very, very bad. But I had (unplanned) cashews this morning, in the form of this deliciousness:
Yeah, I ate dessert at breakfast. What's your damn point?
I could have easily downed 18 of 'em with the day I had.

I ate the Chocolate Mint tart last night. And just learned, when looking for a picture, there's also Chocolate Almond Butter, Coconut Vanilla Creme, and Persian Lime tarts. Om nom nom. Please find and buy all of them for me, m'kay? 

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 73% quality. I think it was better than that, and the graph LOOKS better than that. Woke around 230a but didn't get up. I'd call it more like 85%

Healthy Movement: Still have terribly sore legs. It feels like I've never squatted before Tuesday. Had a fabulous session with my Buddy, and nothing worsened after that.

Fun & Play: Tarts & cookies all day! A free kombucha in my drawer from my sweet Buddy! Lifting with my Buddy and watching her amazeballs deadlift PR. Being disappointed that I "only" did 10 pull-ups. Bringing Hank to the dog park, where I got to see my three favorite Great Danes. Time at home with all four pets outside, even watching Oscar chase Hank!

Stress: Up and down in terms of the FIL. Skipped the hospital today to give myself a break and also to get some freaking work done.

Put in a full and [stressful] work day packed with
"Holy shit I have so much to do and don't know what I'm doing and have no time to do it!"  
"How the hell does someone do this shitty of a job even once, much less day after day after day?"  
"I want to go home and never come back, ever." thoughts.
It was just one of these days:
Better than killing them, right?

Grateful: For my Marthaler curls. This is what my hair does without any effort:

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