Thursday, September 26

Nutrition: Had some vanilla maple AZ with strawberries...mmmmmm!

Sleep: Ugh. 9.25 hours in bed, 915p-630a, but only 66% quality. Wide awake at 145a, up for bathroom, water, honey, took ages to fall back - missing an ear plug. Then woke to a noisy dog at 345a, and luckily the hubs also woke and fetched me a stash of ear plugs. Woke to the alarm and was NOT happy or well-rested.

Healthy Movement: Body feels no worse for wear after yesterday. Still not feeling great by any means, but 5 miles didn't send me backward, so that's huge. Session felt fantastic - PR on dips, from 5 all the way to 8!!

Fun & Play: Excellent session. Lots of play time at the dog park. No TS tomorrow! Learned Amy is having a girl, so she can TOTES name her Sabrina!!

Grateful: For my friends. Lisa & Amy gave me a sweet gift yesterday: NSS gift certificate! Love those girls, and beyond excited to run with one & shop with the other this weekend!

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