Thursday, September 19

Nutrition: Shortcut city, although I was able to eat a lot of the church lunch: ham, pickles, cukes, cole slaw, coffee. Not enough water at ALL; first I got down was a pint at 5p, then another shortly after that, and no mas. No good.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 1015p-545a, 69% quality. Lot of in/out 3a onward. Got up tired but wired. Started feeling really tired about 3p on drive to Little Falls, felt like a walking zombie most of the eve. 

Healthy movement: Sore hammies again; better than last week but definitely not at typical recovery yet.  Elbows hurt but not like they did before, this is inside, forearm muscles. Lot of sitting today. Stood whenever I could, but was not very much. 

Fun & Play: Chatting with the family. 

Stress: More wake. Funeral service at church. Short service at veteran's cemetery where we said goodbye for the last time. It's really a lot of goodbyes when it's close family, and none of them is easy. None.

Grateful: For my people.

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