Thursday, September 12

Nutrition: Fine. Again not interested in eating, despite a snack trip to the GB, but I shoveled it down.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 10p-6a, 80% quality. Woke at 1a to dog, got up for bathroom & water, fell back fairly easily. Turned in late because we were at the hospital late.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good (brain doesn't). Nice easy session. Did 6 chins at home before going to hospital, to get me to 30 so I could smack down that feeling of weakness.  

Fun & Play: Two coworkers who brightened my day. Great lead conversation. Bit of fetch before the hospital. 

Stress: I need the weekend. Like, yesterday. I am a god damned mess. I was smart enough to tell Dustin in advance to change up things like pull-ups because I have zero mental toughness today, so he had me do sets of 3. Felt lame, but better than "failing" at something and beating myself up. I'm already mentally trashed.

I nearly went home sick after my session. I was so stressed about a meeting with my lead that I literally did feel sick to my stomach. Stupidly...I forgot she's awesome? Increased pressure a result of that meeting, though. Ugh. Brought work along to the hospital but couldn't face it. 

Awfully difficult and late night at the hospital. Past my bedtime when we left. I emailed in potentially sick tomorrow. Finally hitting a wall. 

Grateful: For the nurses. They are wonderful. 

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