Sunday, September 8

Nutrition: I made a substitute-filled version of PaleOMG's "peanut butter" cups, and holyshitnom. On the healthier side, I also made roasted cauliflower and baked yams. Plus, despite seriously considering buying ice cream since my skin is already terrible, grocery shopping did NOT include a visit to "my" junk food - the only food bought for me was eggs, prompted by my own advice. Baby steps back to proper nutrition.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 945p-645a, 71% quality. Mostly solid, but woke up a few times, hence the low quality, but I'd judge it more like 85%.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, just slight ache in both hips from the long run. Much better than I expected. Felt good enough to log an OH Press session, though I did only that plus chins. Another lesson from Dustin: when stressed, it's okay to take it easy & just feel good.

Fun & Play: Hanky in the house most of the morning, working on his manners. Decent showing in my lifting. A fairly good day at the hospital.

Grateful: For cool weather. When I let Lexi out this morning, I almost jumped with glee at the blast of cold air. Love it!

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