Sunday, September 29

Nutrition: Breakfast at Traveler's, yet another DCP. But all was well & good until I ate approximately one metric ton of cookies for supper. Gah.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 1130p-7a, 80% quality. In & out often, and barely dozing 615a onward, but it was that delicious "half awake in a warm bed in a cold room" dozing. Got up relatively rested, though I sure wished I could've slept later.

Healthy Movement: No workout today: no time. But I did help mom dig holes and plant flowers and trim bushes and pull weeds for a couple hours. Body feeling good, but feeling a very strong desire for sheer laziness. Managed to log 5x4 chins in the AM, upper body much improved from yesterday.

Fun & Play: Coffee with Amy. Morning fetch. Long chatty brunch with 4 awesome pals. Bit of planning with Amy & Brian on the upcoming 100k weekend. Knowing I'll see Amy again in just a few more weeks! Met with Dad to see what I can do for him to help with bookkeeping, easy fun stuff for nerds like me. Few hours outside playing in the dirt on an absolutely incredibly beautiful day. AGAIN randomly running into my "big sis" & her kids at the Sauk grocery store. (Wild!) Evening fetch.

Grateful: For cookies I can eat. They actually aren't all that great, but sometimes a girl just wants some (a lot of) damned cookies, you know?

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