Sunday, September 22

Nutrition: Fine. Appropriate breakfast & lunch, but a small supper because I wasn't even feeling hungry. Who am I?!

I don't think my body likes Ultima anymore. I only had it pre- and post-run, not during, and I STILL felt like I might puke it up. A fun 8th mile, truly! Plus, a side ache from roughly miles 3-6, which is odd when I ate two hours prior, other than a half-handful of banana chips right before. Hmph.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 93% quality. Great except the 4a waking, followed by tossing & turning before dozing off...then an alarm waking me. YUCK. Logged a solid two-hour nap in a chilly bedroom post-race, with snuggly warm kitties, which totally made up for the alarm.

Healthy Movement: Body felt good, no specific aches, but I wasn't too pumped up for the run. And the body failed me: glutes/hams reacted like I deadlifted yesterday, the jerks; I couldn't find a pace that would keep both legs & lungs satisfied; side ache (I never get those!); just all-around BLEAH.

My training was less than ideal, but I had hoped I would come in tapered & rested! Mostly, I knew the past 4 weeks of insane stress over Dan (literally one month ago today that we learned of the brain cancer) would predict a less-than-stellar race, but I foolishly thought this week's improvements were a sign I was pulling out of the spiral. (I mean, you heard about my bench on Tuesday, right?!) I guess the longer runs may take a bit longer to come 'round. And I could potentially still get a mental "win" with great recovery - feeling good enough to run tomorrow would be quite fabulous.

Anyway: 10m race report, and bonus post-race climb up the ski hill, because I needed to soothe my brain and finish on a high note. (Highest note in the damn county, methinks!)

Oh, and yesterday I did 3 pull-ups at NSS to reach an even 3700 YTD. Just 1300 to go, and 14 weeks to get there - piece o' pie! What shall I tally next year? So many possibilities...

Fun & Play: Pre-race goodness with a lot of peeps I knew, post-race goodness with fellow running freaks (& Dustin). NAP TIME. Much fetch with both pooches. Outdoor happy kitties. Most of my chores accomplished.

Grateful: That I am upset with a 10:00 pace on a tough trail run. If that's my biggest problem, I'll take it, and gladly.

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