Sunday, September 1: RD 27

Nutrition: Indulged in crunchy Sunbutter at breakfast. And lunch. And supper. And finished the macadamias I bought yesterday. No more carb cravings, now I'm all about the fat. Weird.

Acne: Nothing new since yesterday, so there's that, at least. But even the potential of acne didn't slow me down on the macadamias. Smart.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 1015p-630a, 78% quality. Felt like I woke up a lot, and could've used more. Really felt it around 4p, but by the time I got home, too late to nap.

Healthy Movement: Got up with incredibly tight calves. My recovery is terrible...what up, stress? Headed to the basement to see how lifting might go, but quickly realized there would be no two-hour session. Logged the priority lift, and called it good 'nuff.

Fun & Play: Lexy and Hank played fetch nicely for a while. The cats don't care about Lexy. Productivity (and peace) at NSS. More fetch time.

Stress: Hank is too wild for Lexy's taste. Trying to fit in all the chores (laundry, lifting, litter, groceries, food making, bill paying, landlording, NSS work) today so tomorrow I can run and visit the hospital. Skipped it today, and felt guilty.

Grateful: That my papa celebrated his 56th birthday today. Give him at least 40 more, eh?

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