Saturday, September 28

Nutrition: More DCP. Two meals out (Northwoods, Granite City), but feeling well & good, no cravings.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 1145p-645a, 60% quality. In/out 415a onward. UGH.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling pretty good. Shawn canceled on me early (up all night saving lives), but I was feeling positive about running solo. Did 4.68 miles at LCSP; first lap felt amazing, second felt like shit. So I stopped there, even though I was planning on 10-12 miles. It was raining but that felt good, the body just began to feel like it was way too much work. Dunno what happened, but on the crap sleep, I called it good 'nuff.

Fun & Play: Running in the rain, for a bit of it. Long, chatty, delicious breakfast with my StrongBuddy. Shopping & supper with two long-lost pals, Amy & Juliet (& bebe). Randomly running into my "big sister" & her adorable kids in St Cloud. Fetch. Staying up late chatting with Amy.

Grateful: For great deals. I found jeans & a wool winter coat & a cute dress & a buncha workout clothes. A very successful outing.

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