Saturday, September 21

Nutrition: Meh. Ate out at Northwoods, which was amazing; given a face already freaked-the-fuck-out and full of acne, this may have been a bad idea. But damn, it was so perfectly delicious!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 94% quality. Awesome; more would've been better.

Healthy Movement: Rest day to prepare for the 10-miler tomorrow. Body definitely not up for it today. Some aching glutes (why?!) but primarily just that all-over fatigue feeling.

Fun & Play: Volunteered at the bike race - very fun. Brunch afterward with Lisa - even more fun! Work at NSS, okay, not quite as fun, but definitely productive (and peaceful). Eve involved much fetch and a visit from the parents.

Grateful: For a fun local opportunity to volunteer at a race, since I'm always on the other side.

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