Saturday, September 14

Nutrition: A day of shortcuts and caffeine. Fantasized rather intensely about a trucker breakfast, complete with pancakes & biscuits. Mostly the biscuits. Even a fast food biscuit sandwich would work. Wanty. Badly. Not enough water, too much coffee. 

Sleep: 5.75 hours in bed, 11p-445a, 60% quality. In late because we stayed late at the hospital, last ones to leave. Up early because Dan died overnight. Sort of almost napped from 2-3p, dozing in front of football game. 

Healthy Movement: Sore glutes, all else is good. Lot of sitting. Lot of crying. Little bit of baby-pressing. 

Fun & Play: The time at Mary's with the family was nice. Sorting pictures, telling stories, playing with dogs and kids. I even held and played with our goddaughter for a full happy hour!

Stress: Tons. At hospital by 515a, didn't leave until 10. Quick dash home to grab the dogs, then to MIL's for the rest of the day to deal with planning. Past 8 when we left. 

Deep disappointment with a friend who hasn't said a word despite certainly seeing my FB post. Some friend. Trying not to care too much. 

Grateful: For the many kind thoughts from family and friends and even "who is that?" folks on FB. It's not all memes and selfies! 

And for those who have directly called or texted Hop especially. I know he's appreciating those people quite deeply today. 

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