Saturday, August 31: RD26

Nutrition: At breakfast I finished off the macaroons I bought Thursday night. The sugar cookies were gone yesterday. For lunch I made French toast (topped with cooked mushy bananas and sided by maple apple chicken sausage). Leigh Peele tells me stress's effect on the body is moderated by carbs. If so, I'm kicking stress's ass! 

I mostly indulged based on the expectation I'd be at the hospital the rest of the day and either snacking or fasting. I brought along a packet of coconut butter, handful of almonds, and nabbed some jerky at the gas station. I also took a mid-day break to visit a friend, and swung through the grocery store for a better snack selection. I found dry-roasted macadamia nuts, dates, and dried blueberries. Much better than a gas station! However, I didn't need any of it (though I ate some) because we went to a buffet for supper, and my belly ached with regret.

Acne: Not worsening after yesterday's fresh round. Adding a bottle of DCP to prompt it (in need of caffeine, yo), as well as BBQ sauce (light, but still) on ribs & brisket at the buffet. I'm dumb.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 10p-630a, 89% quality. Tough time falling asleep; woke to a barking Hank at 11p, got up to soothe him, hit the bathroom, fell back. In/out 3a onward, but got up feeling rested.

Healthy Movement: Did not have energy for a long run, or even a short run. Calves still tight, left foot still achey, but mostly a mental block. Took Hank to Carlos for a 3.67m walk, with hopes we might be able to run a bit. 'Twas not fun; even a Gentle Leader does not keep him from straining.

Fun & Play: Dan was nicely coherent today. Got to see him walk down the hall (with a walker and two nurses) two times, and he said it was hard work, but he looked good. Rolled his eyes at Missy. Ate an ice cream cone and it stayed down.

Was also quite wonderful to pop over to Shari's for a visit. Caught up with her, saw the kids, saw the hubs, saw the messy house, loved every bit of it!

Stress: Day of sitting around a hospital room is tough.

Grateful: For good days.

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