Monday, September 9

Nutrition: I ate two of my "PB cups" at breakfast, otherwise feeling good. Supper was large & indulgent (two desserts: SB&J on GF-toast PLUS two more "PB cups"), but I damn well earned it today and was perfectly content with those calories.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 56% quality. Was fairly solid until 330a, when apparently Lexi had a noisy dream, freaked out Oscar, who freaked out Clyde, they had a mini-catfight-freakout and I got scratched. Now there's a vicious wake-up call!! I did not truly fall back sleep after that, just dozed in/out. That is, I dozed after my brain got tired of running down the dark alley of how I will deal with a problem coworker today. Good times. Got up energized, though. Somehow.

Healthy Movement: Got up ready to punch weakness in the throat. Did class, felt great. Ran 3.66m at noon; felt great, other than humid as fuck. Sprinted with Holea, and it too felt great! HULK SMASH! (Actually, bit of deep right glute ache on noon run and early on in sprints. Probably nothing.)

Fun & Play: Class felt great, was nice to feel plain ol' strong again. Loved having a solid run, where my energy level was totally there & even being disgustingly drenched with sweat didn't slow me down. Sprints that felt damned good. Getting to chat with Holea while soaking up sunshine. Fetch with Lexi and Hanky. Big ol' supper with no guilt.

Stress: No happiness at the hospital, for the FIL is possibly being moved tomorrow, and no one is happy. Guilty for not being there, but relieved as well.

Grateful: For my awesome friends.

This was payment from Monica K for shoe rental. She helped herself to a pair from my (open) locker, when I wasn't using them...I didn't even have to do anything. This is a KILLER business plan!!

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