Monday, September 30

Nutrition: Get this: no coffee at home at breakfast, as I forgot to finish the de-scaling process last night. Had a mouthful of coffee-flavored chemicals: yum! Ate more than usual post-class, as I suddenly felt 100% depleted and h/s/g and garbage-y. Ugh.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 81% quality. I am HIGHLY in need of another streak of 9-hour sleeps.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling a bit BLEAH overall, no specific aches or pains. Did class, and it felt tougher than usual. Felt downright trashed afterward - had to scrounge up work I could do at my table rather than desk, so I could sit. Was happy to have a lunch meeting so I didn't have to cancel a run, though I began feeling significantly better around 11a or so. Logged a solid sprint outing with Holea.

In recognition of feeling too rundown lately, I've decided to structure my class so that I can't participate. Less work = happier body. But to just not do class is sad-making. So I'm gonna get my program back to the barbell to keep my brain happy, too. Look out, boys, you gonna grow some muscles!

Fun & Play: Class. Free lunch with the Finance leads, that did NOT mention business stuff! Productive afternoon. Sprints with Holea. A successful outdoor test with Lexi.

Grateful: For cookies that taste like real cookies! They have buckwheat flour, but it's way at the bottom of the list (sugar is #1, obvs), so my fingers are crossed.

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