Monday, September 16

Nutrition: Okay. Breakfast-for-supper because I didn't accomplish any food prep in the past few weeks. Who wants to stock my fridge with salads and stir fry and (might as well shoot for the moon since I'm clearly dreaming here) carnitas?

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 930p-630a, 92% quality. Another fairly solid night, though a lot of in/out from around 3a onward. Got up feeling well-rested.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, but skipped noon workout due to being over-damn-booked at work. Sprinted with Holea in the eve for both brain & body happiness. It felt absolutely perfectly fantastic.

Fun & Play: United Way week = fun activities. It was downright wonderful to sprint with Holea and feel evenly-emotioned and physically strong. And just move and breathe and notthink.

Stress: Father-in-law chats with coworkers. It's easier to talk about now, compared to when we were at his deathbed every day (though obviously still difficult). The past few weeks have felt endless and infinitely painful, with a few rare moments of pleasantness, whereas the past couple days have been better, more pleasant with busy-ness and details, with a few moments of sheer awfulness. Such as how at the funeral home, little 4-year-old Carolyn sweetly asked if we were going to leave "when Papa wakes up?" Awful. Just fucking awful.

United Way week = too busy. Plus, increased "normal job" busy-ness, including one shitty situation that I'm loathe to handle, and another potential issue that seems primed to overwhelm my best peeps.

Today on FB I finally hid a "good" friend who hasn't said a thing to me about Dan. It doesn't take much, folks. Brian's "Fuck cancer" comment is the perfect example of just how little it takes to show some appropriate sentiment. (And seriously, he nailed it.) I'm trying hard not to take this shitty friendship personally, because this person has actually failed me many times, but you know me, the little bleeding heart who just wants everyone to love her.

Grateful: For all of my kind coworker friends, especially my NSS peeps, who gave me a sympathy card today that made me both tear up AND laugh at how very well they know me. Best.

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