Friday, September 27

Nutrition: 2 bottles DCP plus a bunch of pistachios, like a genius. But I was stuck in the car for supper, and up late, so there ya go.

Sleep: 10.25 hours in bed, 9p-715a, 86% quality. Lots of in/out 3-5a, but I got up feeling really good. 

Healthy Movement: Upper body quite sore, even to touch, but lower body aches are nearly gone. Much quieter. Holea wasn't much interested in hills, and it seemed prudent to save myself for a long run, so we did easy downhills

Fun & Play: A day at NSS, a walk/run with Holea, the Carolla show. News of a deadlift PR by my strong-ass buddy. Hard to beat all that!!

Grateful: That I can use my numbers brain to help some of my favorite people. 

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