Friday, September 20

Nutrition: Not that bad, actually. Got Hop's smoked ribs for supper, and wasn't TOO much if a pig. 

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 830p-545a, 97% quality. Mostly solid, though a lot of in/out 3a onward. Got up feeling rested.

Healthy Movement: Body feels quite decent. Had my session this AM at TS due to yesterday's funeral; sad effort on pulls, some of which can be blamed on the different bar, but great dip results, given the bars are farther apart & harder.

Fun & Play: Session was nice.

Stress: So. Much. Work.

Want. To. Cry.

Seriously. I do not want to be a lead anymore; the 10% raise I got with this promotion currently feels about 90% too low. I literally do not have time to consolidate my to-do list!! Also, I had to work until past 4 on a Friday, when I'm supposed to leave at 1pm. Eff that noise.

Grateful: For the amazing generosity of Dan's friends and family. A lot of wonderful donations that will cover everything we spent and then some. Mary may even put some toward my RFL goal!

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