Friday, September 13

Nutrition: I Ate All The Fats today. Sorry if I didn't leave any for you.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 1030p-7a, 90% quality. In late due to hospital visit, took ages to fall asleep due to same.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling good. Ran up Victoria 5.5 times while Holea did swings and half-hills. It felt pretty darn good, actually. Upper body a bit sore from yesterday's dips, and lower body got a bit creaky after the run, mostly because of a ton of sitting.

Fun & Play: Much better to work at NSS where I could bury myself in tasks and not need so much abstract thinking. It was fun, too, just because all of them are awesomeness squared. Held the baby niece til she fell asleep, and the other one actually liked me today!

Stress: Felt bad I was working all day while Hop was at the hospital. Dreaded every text, fearing what it might say. Seriously disappointed with a few friends/coworkers and their lack of even basic kindness. The hospital visit was full of smiley babies, but Dan is just no longer himself, and it's very, very difficult to watch. I also had to cancel on Amy for tomorrow. 

Grateful: For the hospital visits. 

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