Wednesday, August 14: RD9

Nutrition: Snacky at breakfast, tried the chocolate macaroons. Ahhhh-mazing. And yet I still was able to share 2 with the Buddy that initially introduced me to the glorious, beautimonious macaroon. Isn't she lucky! Surprisingly hungry today, mid-afternoon hunger pangs, not just snackiness. But then I reached for coconut butter and it turned into foolish snackiness. I feel like the cravings I slayed in my W50 are already inching back, just one week later. Gah.

Acne: Getting worse. Have eliminated the double-serving of almonds. Hopefully just in time to test the rice flour in the TS GF products on Sunday.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 82% quality. Definitely not enough. Woke around 4a and dozed until I realized that if I fell back, it would be more painful to hear the alarm. Blech. Was able to ease into the day slowly, at least.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling good. Achey shins, and slight "crank" in right neck/shoulder/upper back area. Perhaps a bench press PR will do that for ya? Did Spartacus for class, hard as hell, loved it! 5 uphills at noon with Lisa  - downright fantastic paces, and they all felt damned good to me. Woot! Again more sitting than usual, couple hours of meetings - which included leading the stretches before the all-team meeting. Got that out of the way, cleared for 4 months now.

Fun & Play: Class was awesome. Crank the AC/DC and sweat up a storm! Fabulous noon outing with my running bestie. Pure laziness at home in eve that even included TV. What?

Grateful: For quiet nights with my snuggly kitty.

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