Tuesday, August 6: Reintroduction Day 1

Nutrition: Tonight, after a breakfast-supper, I caved and had my fake-ass GF tapioca toast.

Guess what? It was perfection, especially topped with coconut butter on one slice, and coconut oil & peach butter on the other. Hot damn! I've been getting very tired of searching for more/different calories when my GD crappy toast is right there, and I'm pretty sure it's fine, and what goes better with eggs & sausage than toast?

So there you go. Unplanned cave = reintroduction phase has begun. With fake-ass toast. (Hey, beggars can't be choosers.)

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 90% quality. Don't think I woke until 445a, at which point the cats started acting wild and stupid. Dozed in/out until I just gave up. Feeling mostly rested, but REALLY wish my boys weren't so crazed. Hank was wild too, digging into things before it was even 7a. Hop said it's because there's a big storm coming. Why does this make critters so nuts?!

Healthy Movement: Sore feet, but that's it. Even my right hip flexor is perfectly happy. I'm impressed at my recovery from short workouts, even when multiple in a day. Wish my long-run recovery was similarly impressive! Session felt good & strong.

Dustin asked me [rather rhetorically, punk that he is] if I am in a better place than I have been in the past few summers, better able to do whatever I want whenever I want (this came up after telling him I again ran twice yesterday, plus class). I absolutely am doing better, but of course I'll say something like "but that's because my goals are smaller" because I have now removed the 50k from my training plan which means I'm not pushing myself through any 4-hour trail runs. But it's also undeniably true that I can now throw in extra sprints and/or hills whenever I like, or log a rather insane 2-hour-long lifting workout that includes 50 reps each of squat, bench, & deadlift (every week), or continue logging 100-ish pulls per week - without injury and with feeling good!

I firmly believe that is because I am Eating The Food, which means I'm fully recovering. And while I'm not exactly slimming down, I'm not any fatter. And I'm not stressing about the lack of fat loss. I'm getting closer to the end of the spectrum that realizes that the ability to do anything I want is more important than how I look. Not there yet, but I feel that it's possible to reach that destination.

Fun & Play: Busy but productive & chipper team this morning. Great session! Put in time off requests for the next two Fridays (after this one), for no real reason. May get to schedule a date with my oldest goddaughter next week Friday - the one who is so self-assured and wise for her age that I would give anything to be as cool as her. Was going to take Mr Hanky to a ball game, but rain ruined it. And that was fine, because I was overbooked anyway.

Food Prep: The rain gave me time to whip up some food. Yams: check. Cabbage + onion + side pork: check. Roasted cauliflower: checkaroo! I've been SCROUNGING after not getting in my weekend food prep, so this is a relief.

Grateful: For a learning pooch. He had more in-house training tonight, and he didn't bark once!

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