Tuesday, August 27: RD22

Nutrition: Ate more than I needed to, but not concerned. More upset by team lunch where no one ever bothers I ask if I will have things to eat. Some day I'll get over that. 

Acne: Added lemon cookies tonight. Possibly a bad idea, as I have some almost-cysts just starting. Maybe. 

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 930p-630a, 81% quality. That's pretty poor quality for NINE HOURS. Took a NyQuil but still took ages to fall asleep thanks to the nap yesterday afternoon. Woke at 4a, fell back. Woke at 5a, fell back. At 630a, considered trying to fall back yet again, but figured I should make the 8a meeting. Which was canceled.

Healthy Movement: Legs are tight/sore from yesterday's workout. I am almost never sore from my squat session! What the eff? Drinking pleny of water to get this nonsense flushed out. Feeling a little more energized, though happy to take a full rest day again. Tired and a little cranky by mid-afternoon. Aches and pains from past issues coming through as well, such as left foot. 

This makes three rest days in the past four days. Compared to FOUR rest days in the prior TEN WEEKS. Hm, could the latter be causing the former? It seems possible that Doing All The Things, despite eating enough perform, may have caused me to get run-down elsewhere in the body, such as the immune system, which has led to the state I'm in today. I hate being weak.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in! Afternoon team huddle to go over true business stuff, a nice break from usual work, then play time in the outdoors. And an early end to the day so I could veg with my critters and mindless TV-watching. Just what I needed. 

Stress: Team meeting left me feeling like I am doing a crappy job as a lead. 

Grateful: For my opportunities. 

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