Tuesday, August 20: RD15

Nutrition: Another brownie at breakfast. Seriously? It was pretty perfect, though...and I finished the pan when I got home from the KITC event, where I had only eaten a banana & apple as supper. Well, at least my calorie quantity was in line, if not the quality.

Acne: Most of the existing cysts are starting to heal. Nothing new. Hooray!

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed, 845p-615a, 84% quality. That much quantity, that poor quality? Oof. I remember a bit of tossing & turning, but never had to get up at all. Last night I took two Benadryl, but I still woke up stuffy, so I'm considering it may be a cold instead? This AM I took one of Hop's allergy pills, a non-drowsy med. I got almost no change.

Healthy Movement: Other than a full head & somewhat stiff neck/shoulders (I think all due to cold/allergies/whatever this is), also a slight tightness in calves; sort of swinging from feeling pretty good to wanting to go back to bed. Session went better than expected: pull-ups kicked ass!

Fun & Play: Helped at a Financial Literacy 101 training, which always makes me feel smart! A better-than-expected session. Fun KITC event with Emmers that included seeing the K-9 dogs, a fire truck, and getting her fingerprinted.

Grateful: For the KITC activities.

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