Tuesday, August 13: RD8

Nutrition: No problem, logged the 2 doses of almonds today via Larabar & pWO almonds. Perfectly satisfied with my planned meals but also too busy to think much about food. Like it! Whipped up some breakfast sausage tonight, such a productive gal today!

Discovered a treasure trove at the Grain Bin tonight: 
That tart was incredible. It SAYS 2 servings, but you know I ate it as one. And then had a nice bellyache. Worth it.

Sleep: 9 hours (!!) in bed, 845p-545a, 86% quality. In/out beginning at 330a onward, though I didn’t need to get up. Very glad I got that 9 hours, otherwise quality would’ve been much worse. Don’t know why it wasn’t more sound; had a perfect supper and a totally normal training day and zero extra stress. Hmph.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling pretty damned good! Whole lot of sitting today, many many meetings. Felt like a real and true lead!

Session was uber-fantastic: 120# bench press PR! Totally made up for mis-counting my pulls: I had a goal of 12 in my head & when I hit #10, I doubted I’d get another, but it turns out I was at #11...if I had known that I would have definitely gotten another! Oh well. I’m still happy, because I'm pretty sure there was a lot more leg-swinging last week. And also because I hit double-digits TWICE! (Also, I have no idea if the squats are accurate. Thinking I was more focused on the pulls with that SS.)

Fun & Play: Feeling successful at my job, despite the massive amount of meetings. Fucking BENCH PRESS PR, bitches!

Grateful: For the Well that led me, baby step by baby step, from 10-minute toning, to beginner yoga, to Amy’s class, to walk-to-run coaching, to Dustin, to where I am today. Bitches!

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