Thursday, August 8: RD3

Nutrition: Toast at breakfast and supper. No new acne after what popped up Monday, so far so good, but then it's only day 3.

I also had a stroke of genius (for me): I laid out a weekly reintroduction plan. I'm hoping this helps me otherwise stick to W30, since I'll know that food is going to be allowed in x weeks. Current planned order, subject to change: toast, 2s almonds of almonds, cashews, SF syrup, Diet Cherry Pepsi. It's already working, as I resisted the urge to add a mid-afternoon Larabar, due to having had almonds already in the AM.

Sleep: Ugh. 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 76% quality. Was wide awake 3-4a or so, though not h/s/g. Tried to fall back initially but at 330a, got up for bathroom, drink of water, bite of creamed coconut. Still took a while to fall back.

Healthy Movement: Tiny bit stiff & achey all over (hi, squats!) but otherwise good. Freezing cold at 1130a, but I no longer know if that's related to my caloric intake or my new desk location! Session felt pretty great: deadlift PR, boost in 2nd-4th pull-up sets, AND consistent dip form. Yeah, bitches! Slightest bit of back ache post-session, nothing to worry about.

Fun & Play: Productive morning. Awesome session. Deadlift PR. Chat with Dustin about Boston. Afternoon watching some unveilings down at conference. Eve pontoon ride with LAPW, though it got behind schedule and I missed taking Hank to the baseball game.

Temperance: Lately I am starting to feel like I can do it all again (normal life + tax season + Boston training + LAPW Philanthropic chair + etc) but logically I know that I simply cannot. If I learned just one thing from the past few depressing winters, it is that I have more enthusiasm than I do energy.

So in a strong moment today, I replied to the LAPW email and declined. And I used Boston training as the excuse.

Next up: tell the tax firm, which is very difficult for me. I wish I could keep working there by trading a day of PTO from TS, but year-end is not a time I can burn up PTO, especially as a lead, so instead I must disappoint the entire tax firm. And for selfish reasons. And thus, this may possibly be tougher than all the running I will be doing.

Talked about it with Dustin and he provided me with the best line ever: if I sign on for both tax season AND Boston again...he's quitting. I actually gave him a high five, because that is exactly the kind of thing I need reinforced to me! I am not Wonder Woman. I can't do it all. I must pick and choose and prioritize.

I also realized that part of the reason I am getting these doses of "Maybe I can do it all!" is because, right now, I AM doing it all. But I'm doing all my favorite things, nothing that is mentally challenging, and it's perfect weather, and work is not stressful, and I have no personal stressors. That will not all be the case January through April, yo.

Grateful: For Chief, the wise reality-bringer.

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