Thursday, August 29: RD24

Nutrition: Surprisingly not feeling the usual sterss-eating urges most of the day. But jerky and cookies for supper? Don't mind if I do! I did include kombucha, but still. The only thing that finally stopped me was that my sleep would be shit if I kept going.

Acne: Still reacting. I blame the cookies from the past two days. And stress. Adding DP to it, along with GF cookies. Not my smartest move.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 9p-615a, 100% quality. FINALLY. I woke a time or two, including 5a, but was mostly completely out. Mental exhaustion.

Healthy Movement: Body feels pretty good, other than slight ache remaining in left foot. Session was pretty great: solid deadlifts, slight miss on pulls and bench, but given stress: fab.

Fun & Play: A really tough work issue was improved by having a really great conversation with my lead. Session with my Buddy, watching her deadlift 230 for a double like a fucking beast. And we plotted that next month when she joins me, we are playing hooky for the afternoon!

Stress: Work, in a big big way. Father-in-law, also in a big big way. This is no good.

Grateful: For my stress-free session. A peaceful oasis of beastliness.

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