Thursday, August 22: RD17

Nutrition: Making sure to get enough calories, added some choco-coconut butter to breakfast. But it tasted way too sweet. Who am I? On the other hand, bad news had me snacky in the eve, so I made chocolate mint coconut ice cream, and it was perfection.

Acne: Flavored coffee again. So unexciting.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 74% quality. Woke often 1230-230a; got up around 2a and ate some coconut butter and read for a while. Not sure why; calories should have been right in the sweet spot of sound sleep...guess I can probably blame the cold. One Nyquil should have been two, perhaps? Coughed myself awake at 545a. Doing okay, thanks to DayQuil, but only needed 1 all day.

Healthy Movement: Feeling about the same as yesterday. Session was a mixed bag: kicked ass in pulls with a PR of 13, but dips were terrible. Eh, it's only exercise, right?

Fun & Play: Not so much today. Got news that my father-in-law's cancer has spread from his his brain. They are going with 10 radiation treatments, and that's all they've got. Fuck cancer, man. Fuck it straight to hell.

Grateful: For cancer treatment advances. Some cancer?

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