Sunday, August 4: W30D49

Nutrition: Feeling like I'm getting better recovery from workouts - probably due to PWO eats like today's: baked sweet potato, cold, dipped into peach butter, & a beef hot dog. (Could eat this every day. Weirdo.)

Probably ate some soy today via the meat marinade at BIL's house. Argh.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 10p-6a, 81% quality. Felt much better, like I never woke at all; graph looks like Oscar may have been extra twitchy.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling pretty damned good, even shins are fine - after yesterday's long run? Really?! Energy level much improved. Lazy most of day (baptism, lunch) then logged a super OH press session.

Ordered me some new shoes, two different pair of Merrells - gotta find something with better grip for those muddy trails!

Fun & Play: Gained another goddaughter! Much reading done. Slightly unproductive, and will hate myself for it later this week, but...felt good today!

Grateful: For my new goddaughter! Currently six months of smiley, bright-eyed adorableness, and soon to be great fun to spoil; playing the role of Fun Aunt is the best.

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