Sunday, August 25: RD20

Nutrition: On schedule again. Brain fine. No thoughts about food between meals. Eat when hungry, do other stuff when not. I like this!

Acne: Flavored coffee again - need to determine whether THIS flavor is bad, but the one I started with is okay, perhaps.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 1045p-7a, 77% quality. Up for bathroom at 4a. Back to bed, realized I was hot, back up for water. Debated eating something, decided my heart was not racing and therefore I would be fine. I was. Woke naturally but still felt damned tired. Before noon I was back in bed! Napped for two hours, 10a-12p, like a[n aging] rockstar.

Healthy Movement: Allover fatigue. No enthusiasm for my planned lifting workout. Early in the day, was listening to a podcast featuring Eva T, who drills Type-A "stress addicts" for overdoing everything. (Oh, hai!) She emphasized that if such people don't feel up to a workout, then they shouldn't do it. With the addition of Dustin tomorrow rather than Tuesday, and the cold that I'm still fighting, decided I could skip it this week.

It would be a good choice to log a run/walk, or even just a walk, but HOLY BALLS it's hot out, and I've zero interest in heat training. Unfortunately, that may be my only option for the next week of insane temps. I might actually use the treadmill this week. Barf.

Fun & Play: Picking cherry tomatoes with Hank. (I'm soon to be deluged with them, if it stays hot. Silver lining!) Laziness most of the day. Had supper plans with two old friends, but the hostess postponed due to the heat. Happy to comply; I did not go farther outside than the bird feeder today! Hank got a lot of indoor training time, and lots of hugs from me for being so good. Cats shot me daggers.

Stress: Yesterday I told Dad I could take over his monthly QB work. Shouldn't take more than a few hours a month, so I'm feeling it's quite manageable. Plus, I can do it Saturday or Sunday or whenever works for me, which is a top requirement.

Last week TS put out a call for a half-time dev-op to take on the Well tasks. I wish I could do that. I told Hop that if we could afford it, I would leave my position and do that job, and pick up QB jobs/tax firm to fill in the rest of my time. Is this a sign that I'm not too fulfilled by leadership, or just another example of how I want to Do All The Things?

Grateful: For my poorly-constructed-but-effective greenhouse, and the incredibly sweet cherry tomatoes it's helping to produce. 
Better than candy, for realsies.

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