Sunday, August 11: RD6

Nutrition: Nailed some solid food prep that included salads, stir fry, and carnitas. Bitches! Felt less snacky today, despite the long run. I even managed to stop myself from eating ALL OF THIS, perhaps the best thing I have ever tasted. EVER:

Thanks for the hot tip, Joy!

Acne: Large cyst forming, began late yesterday. Hm...almond overdose, or flavored coffee?

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 10p-645, 92% quality. Up at 4a for bathroom, but managed to fall back. Lovely!

Funny: had a dream I did 9 max NG pulls and was majorly disappointed.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling better than expected, given yesterday's many hours standing on concrete, bent over chicken carcasses. However, the 5.5m run was a bit of a struggle. Super technical sections kept me from settling into a comfortable pace, combined with the feeling of another runner breathing down my neck, which pushed me faster than I should've attempted. I only did one lap, then a few of us tacked on 2 easy miles that were half walking.

Felt mildly depleted for the rest of the day. Managed two sets of five chins, but my ambition for more completely disappeared when they felt tough.

Fun & Play: It was a great time running with such a big fun group, and the trail itself was a delight. Then a solid lunch where I got a chef salad so big that I didn't feel the least bit deprived. Fantastic! 

Grateful: That this can be considered a light week:

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