Saturday, August 10: RD5

Nutrition: Not great today. Tired & overate almonds/raisins mixture at breakfast & supper. No available veg at lunch, thus I overate fruit. Very snacky in the eve, struggled big time. Forced myself to eat some cabbage in an attempt to stop the cravings. GD that's frustrating, have not battled such feelings in a long time (most of Whole30, hmmm). Various reasons: poor sleep, not enough water, long tiring day, sad deprived lunch feelings.

No acne reactions so far.

Sleep: 6.75 hours in bed, 1015p-5a, 70% quality. Felt solid and woke naturally, though I sure could've used longer. Love that the wild 430a cats from nearly every morning this week were sound asleep today. Jerks.

Healthy Movement: Body felt good, but spent the entire day butchering chickens, 8a-5p. No energy left for a workout. Frustrated, not sure when/if I can make it up, but telling myself tomorrow's run will feel that much better without 50 deadlifts the day before, so accept & enjoy it!

Fun & Play: Chicken butchering wasn't so bad, actually. Fun peeps, went quickly. Brought Hank along to run and play with all the dogs & kids, but...he's a bird dog. And we butchered 83 birds. He spent the day tied to a tree and crying. No fun for Mr Hanky.

Grateful: For the many healthy meals these tasty chickens will make.

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