Saturday, August 3: W30D48

Nutrition: Too many nuts. Felt snacky all damned day. Lack of sleep? Long run? Both?

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 945p-530a, 86% quality - felt much worse. Woke often, tossing & turning. Alarm woke me, angry. Logged a nap 3-5p. Still tired after that, lazed on couch.

Healthy movement: Tired, aching feet, didn't rush to Glacial to run but took the time to eat breakfast & wake up. 8.62m run itself went great. Made easy by walking up all hills, taking pictures, etc. I logged a half hour, then Lisa joined me & we ran another 1:20. Shins a bit better than yesterday and not made worse during run; return of usual post-long-run sharp pain in left knee; sore hams and glutes as well. Post-run, spent the day rather tired, snacky, thirsty: depleted.

Fun & Play: Trails! Dog park overflowing with buddies. Finished a fluff book in all of two days for the first time in ages.

Grateful: For state parks.

The peace & quiet of this morning's trails made me so very happy.

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