Saturday, August 24: RD19

Nutrition: Solid breakfast at home, then gone the rest of the day. Lunch was a family event, potluck, and my contribution was GF brownies, since it was also mom's birthday. Wedding supper, at a place that I doubted would have food for me. So, to make sure I would have grub, I packed along bananas, apples, a Larabar, 2 packets coconut butter, 2 slices GF bread, and jerky. Better safe than sorry!

At the potluck, I ate the bread as open-faced sandwiches (pork AND beef) otherwise there was fruit and cukes to nosh on. My brownies were a huge hit, no one suspected they were gluten-free, and they loved the coconut flavor! It made me nearly cry when I learned my cousin with Downs Syndrome had recently been forced to eat GF...and she enjoyed herself two brownies. Wonderful.

At the wedding, my only option was ham. So I dashed out to the car and returned with a banana, apple, and the leftover brownies. And that ham was pretty damned incredible, so it was a great supper after all.

Acne: Testing Diet Cherry Pepsi today, in need of caffeine to stay awake for the wedding reception, and too hot for coffee (was out-Marthalered by my relatives who DID drink coffee today). Beginnings of two cysts later in the day, now unsure if that's a coffee reaction or what. Perhaps the second flavored coffee is bad, first was okay? Could I possibly react that quickly to the DCP? That seems unlikely.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 945p-7a, 89% quality. Woke at 330a for bathroom, water, coconut butter. Hot. Got up tired and feeling grateful for a rest day. Various small aches and pains, such as left big toe joint - locations of past issues. Nothing to worry about, I don't think; just another signal to rest & recover for a bit.

Healthy movement: Felt okay, not achey like I expected. But certainly fatigued and appreciating a lazy day, that turned out to feel exhausting. Lot of standing at the reception, some of it in heels (only 1.5", but still), and my feet were fat at the end of the day. Why? I'm used to standing for 10 hours every day! Weird.

Fun & Play: Productive morning. Quick trip to pet store, where I got to pet a tiny orange kitten that surely was the spitting image of baby Clyde. Adorable! Family outing. Outfits changed at my SIL's, where I saw FOUR baby kitties, some with eyes still closed. Precious little fluffballs! Excellent time at the wedding, catching up with many old drinking buddies.

Grateful: For baby animals. I love my kittehs, but there is nothing cuter than a teensy fluffy unsteady wee kitten!

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