Saturday, August 17: RD12

Nutrition: Feeling a bit carb-addicted today. Thus probably not an ideal day to make tomorrow's brownies, but ZOMG SO GOOD. Made them slightly overdone so the outer edges are crunchy, my fave; managed to limit myself to 1/4 pan.

Bronze star?

Acne: Hating my face today, seeing even more reactions; wondering if the restaurant meal would've had crap on the pork chops, like soybean oil on the grill? I hate eating out.

So yeah, it's not ideal timing to add the rice flour test, but it is what it is.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 930p-6a, 86% quality. In/out after 3a as per usual. Obnoxious! Feeling rested, but still took an afternoon nap 2-4p with my kits: delightful!

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling good, but not sure I was up for pushing hard on the trails. Felt awful getting out of the car, but better once I was walking around and moving. 4.73m run itself felt great, just a few points I was dying to walk, otherwise it was easy peasy, more like recovery miles. Wasn't sure how hard Britt could push, wanted it easy enough that she'd love her first real trail outing, so I tried to find a balance between those two goals. Could feel tired hammies at the tail end from yesterday's hills. I spent a lot of time debating more miles this weekend since I still didn't log the "hard trails" I'd intended...but on the other hand, I feel like I should accept the great miles from the week, all of which felt pretty much fantastic, and not push for more than that from the running gods. So I took a nap instead. Gold star!

Fun & Play: Trails. Chatting with Britt afterward. Dog park that included half the NSS family: Barks, Lila, & Becky, plus Luke, Sawyer, Lincoln, & Jennah. Super awesome! Catnap. Indoor Hank time. BROWNIES. Quiet peaceful reading time.

Grateful: For old books that smell like old libraries.

Copyright 1959. Bliss!

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