Monday, August 12: RD7

Nutrition: No problemo, Mondays are all about decent nutrition with ease. On the other hand, I nearly cried when I discovered two of our four new gluten-free products are potentially things I can eat (rice flour...maybe?) and got excited to make them for the family this weekend & test them. Perhaps I am feeling a bit more deprived than I realized.

Acne: Nixing the flavored coffee. Keeping up a double-serving of almonds. I ran out of my tapioca bread, but that does seem to be fine.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 88% quality. I was tossing & turning a lot initially, then it was solid - completely backward from my norm.

What up with that?
Healthy Movement: Stiff feet & lower legs when I got up. High up on right hip feels a bit angry, as does left side of low back. Too much twisting & turning yesterday? It felt fine once I did my warmup, wasn't at all bothered by the workout, AND felt better AFTER 50 deadlifts than it did before! (Bitches!) Back continued to be perfectly happy for the rest of the day; right hip stayed a touch tight, but no worse after 10 park sprints w/ Holea.

Fun & Play: Initially annoyed that I was up early for a non-class (read the "cancel! sorry!" email at 5am), but decided to choose my attitude and enjoy a leisurely morning. Didn't get to my desk until 7a, and I didn't do a damn thing other than move significantly slower than normal; 'twas quite lovely! Also enjoyed smashing weights and being loud in The Well, turning the heads of the poor saps who were numbing up their minds on treadmills. And of course, what's not to adore about sprinting with Holea?

Temperance: I'm thinking I need to invest in some new workout shorts that fit better, so I can train without even noticing my belly. The funny thing is that I do not give a rat's ass how much my thighs are exposed, because "them's muscles" and I don't really care how big they get. But the belly, oh mah god, don't look! I know it's completely fucking stupidly dumb. I'm trying, people.

I also had this thought, observing a skinny coworker: there's a ton of skinny chicks in this world. But how many chicks can do one single pull-up, much less double-digit pull-ups? Yeah, forget that first camp...I care a whole lot more about being in the second.

Grateful: For short weeks. I just gotta make it through 3.5 days, then I have a 3.5-day weekend! I'll mainly be running & lifting & dog-parking; I couldn't be happier!

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