Monday, August 5: W30D50

Nutrition: Due to incomplete weekend chores, poor food quality today. Shortcuts galore. I am a dummy. Today I read a bit about starches (because I'm feeling like I need to end this damned W30 and eat my tapioca-based toat to get a little variety from yams) and came across one I've forgotten: water chestnuts. And bacon-wrapped water chestnuts are pretty much the Best Treat Ever. Woot!

Acne: Reacting to something. Guessing soy in yesterday's marinade, as predicted. (I should have stopped eating the meat as soon as I was told that, but I didn't want to make the BIL feel badly.) I also had a whole lotta almonds on Saturday, so that's also a suspect. I am terrible at experiments.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 81% quality, but should show worse. I was wide awake at 1230a (storm) and checked windows, hit bathroom while I was up. But I could not fall back, was still awake at 130a. I got up and had some water & coconut cream, still took awhile. Mind was not stressed, no idea what was going on there.

Healthy Movement: My shins hurt more today than they did yesterday. Is this a two-day post-run soreness, or does it have something to do with lifting, not running?! All I did yesterday was lift, and most of the day was spent on my bum.

Did class which was ratcheted down from usual hardcore level, since my attendees are staring into the eyes of a max-stress-week. So moves were easier and should reduce any soreness. Cool note: Travis said he's still sore from last Wednesday. Meanwhile, I wasn't sore in the slightest afterward!

Ran 3.08m easy hills at lunch. Felt shins in the downhills, all else good!

Ran sprints in eve with Holea. All good!

Fun & Play: Class was fun. Productive morning. Literally ran into Shawn S while headed to the hills, had a bonus li'l running chat. Sprints with Holea! Received many compliments on today's dress, one I seriously doubt every time I wear it - weird. Included a "CUTE shoes!" compliment from a total stranger at Elden's. Attended wrap-up meeting for Relay in the eve. And then came home to a house full of husband-completed projects!

Temperance: Received an email asking me to chair the Philanthropic Committee for LAPW. Please remind me that I decided "not this year" a long time ago.

Grateful: For little miss Holea. She's great fun to chat with, keeps me logging these bonus runs, and her squats impress the shit out of me. Last night I watched her logging 175x5x5 - meanwhile my 1RM is 165. And she did those after our sprints. Hey Zeus Christo!

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