Monday, August 26: RD21

Nutrition: Easy & good at breakfast. Gross and not even hungry at lunch, but I forced it down. Supper similarly not hungry, but I looked until I found something good. Odd combo: tuna w/ mustard on toast, and mango/coconut flake "ice cream." And these:

I have spent the last month tracking calories, roughly, and am averaging around 2200. Was mainly tracking in an attempt to tie intake to sleep results, but they are all over the damned place. So, whatevs, I'm calling it quits on that: no more wasting time on non-value-add activity!

Acne: Not worsening. Coffee is okay, I guess. Perhaps it was the purchased coconut ice cream that prompted a small reaction. Guess I just have to make my own from now on! On to testing the cookies.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 54% quality. Yes, that's accurate. FML. Awake at 315a, got up for bathroom, water, coconut butter after 15-ish minutes, and never even came close to falling back after that. Overheating, cats, knowing I just plain didn't have time for a solid sleep cycle. Heat is probably a big factor here.

Got more and more tired throughout the day. Felt like crying when I fucked up my session time, and again when I thought about it on the way home...despite the fact that I let down no one else, didn't fuck up Dustin's schedule. Just that damned worn down and tired. Wanted to curl up under my desk and cry by 1p due to feeling overwhelmed with work, much like when tax season beats me down. Had a 2p meeting that had already been rescheduled umpteen times, so I toughed it out until then. And then came home, and took a blissfully solid 2-hour nap. Wish I'd had those hours this AM!

Healthy Movement: No specific aches or pains, serious overall fatigue; was feeling generally okay until Dustin asked how the body was doing and I realized the answer was "Junky." Turned out to be the word of the day, plus lungs still have me hacking if I laugh or breathe deep. Session was squat only, no bench, since Dustin had to ditch me halfway through and leave me solo - because I'm an idiot who can't read (saw "9-10" and put "10" on my calendar). Left me feeling stupid, which is extra disappointing because today is my four-year anniversary with Dustin! Gave him a couple treats and a list of "Things I never said before 8/26/09" - some of them braggy, some of them silly. Was fun to write.

Anyway: squats good, pulls shitty. Had planned eve sprints with Holea, but Dustin advised against it, and by the time I was done with my workout, I fully agreed.

Fun & Play: Session, I guess. Mostly felt stressed and completely effing overwhelmed and exhausted at work. ZERO FUN. That afternoon meeting turned out to be a good one, so that helped. But leaving early for a nap with my kitties was the biggest key. Brought Hank inside for training, and also because it was blazing hot.

Grateful: That this is a slow week at work. Able to ditch early to nap, yes, but most importantly I am able to ditch Wednesday and Thursday afternoon to join Hop in taking his dad to radiation treatment.

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