Monday, August 19: RD14

Nutrition: I ate a brownie at breakfast. Oops. Got (and felt) back on track after that. Until I finished off the peach cake after supper. Whelp, that's gone. Just have another 1/4 pan of brownies that will probably disappear tomorrow night. And then they'll be gone and things can go back to normal.

Acne: Doesn't appear to have worsened since yesterday...fingers crossed!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 74% quality. Up at 130a for bathroom, water, macaroon, in/out the rest of the night. Pretty terrible, felt like I was awake every hour. Hot & humid. Was solid just before 5a, naturally. I rolled over and snuggled down ready to sleep another lifetime or so, and then felt the phone buzz. RAGE / depression.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, but the allergies/poor sleep had me feeling run-down and MEH. So I only taught class, gold star! I did sneak in 5x2 banded dips at the end. Logged an "easy" 3.03m run at lunch. HOT. But no walk breaks! Take THAT, allergies!! I actually felt better after the run, but I started backsliding again mid-afternoon. Planned to join Holea for sprints anyway, but she rescheduled to Wednesday. So compared to my usual three-fer Monday, this was pretty much a rest day.

YTD pull-ups update: 3297. Just 1703 to go, and 19 weeks left...I'm going to smoke this goal by mid-December if things keep going well!

Fun & Play: Actually enjoyed just teaching class. Sent a goosing to our product development team for the awesome gluten-free line. Satisfaction of a solid run. Afternoon bell-ringing with my team. Perfect blend of productivity and laziness at home.

Temperance: I registered for Boston 2014. I immediately pre-apologized to Dustin. I sent a very difficult email to the tax boss telling him that I shall sit out this season. I shall also skip the 2014 powerlifting meet and 2013 WD50k and teaching a 630am class January-April and I SHALL BE OKAY. Because all of these things can return to my life after I finally cross that elusive finish line.

Third time's the charm, or three strikes & you're out...either way, it's my last guaranteed Boston, so I'm taking it. And I am accepting the trade-offs.

I wonder if it will be okay to stop, get down on all fours, and kiss that beast?

Grateful: For the gift of a third chance. For the understanding of my people as I sacrifice so much to prove myself worthy of that gift.

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