Friday, August 9: RD4

Nutrition: Toast at breakfast & supper. Also had eggnog coffee - out of unflavored varieties. Also overate cinnamon-glazed almonds. Long day, too tired, too dumb. Bonus; no new cysts from Wednesday's triple whammy of toast, Reese's Pieces, and double almonds!

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 89% quality. Wide awake (almost h/s/g) 2-3a or so; got up for bathroom, water, raisins, still took a while to fall back. I'll blame this on too many supper calories. Dummy. Got up feeling okay, but I've got to get a handle on this because I can't always sleep in!

Healthy Movement: Actually got up feeling pretty good. Slightly stiff back from deadlifts, came and went throughout the day, typical and nothing concerning. Hit Victoria's Revenge with Holea for 4 trips up (2013 PR!) then ran back to NSS, total of 3.77m. Took a 2-minute walk break at only 7 minutes, but resuming after that felt wondertastic, likely a combo of the easier pace, being almost done, plus uneven sidewalks that felt near to trail running!

Wore my brand new kicks, which worked great, but need to get them on some slick trails to really test them. I've got $120 into these babies, they'd better work! Although if they last 733 miles like the Pace Gloves, they'll be worth it. I'm also going to get Brett Larson-smart with my shoes and alternate regularly between all 4 pairs so one new pair isn't a major deal.

Fun & Play: Friday! More optimistic conference livestream, was productive in tying up some loose ends. Hills and chatting with Holea. Super satisfying afternoon at NSS, though sadly quiet. It's not nearly as fun when I'm alone! Wish I could work there on Friday mornings instead.

Grateful: That my first job allows me the flexible hours to have a second job that I love so much.

Bonus Gratitude: I can't believe I'm not saying this every single day: I'm so very, very grateful that I'm not injured. I'm having such fun doing all these workouts, especially being able to log bonus runs with Holea. Or things like class - I am planning to do Spartacus next week with Travis, knowing he will absolutely bust ass to avoid falling behind me. Meanwhile I'm also strong enough to land a trapbar PR & keep pull-ups progressing, and what's more fun than Moar Pullz?!

I'm easily logging 8-9 hours of workouts per week, and not just uninjured, but actually feeling great. And damn it all, I'm just plain happy, and I'm sure everyone else is grateful for that!

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