Friday, August 30: RD25

Nutrition: Highly variable - remembered to add stir fry to breakfast for the first time all week. However, I also ate a macaroon after breakfast. Had DP & cookies when I got news the FIL was worsening. Finished my cookies PWO to refuel, nicely done. Had a salad & bunch of cherry tomatoes at supper, gold star - along with homemade coconut ice cream and several macaroons. Can you say "emotional eater"? Win some, lose some. Not remotely one of my biggest concerns right now.

Acne: Worsening today. I'm going to operate on the theory that a single can of DP is probably okay, normally, but a lot is not, and even a little may exacerbate a current exposure.

Sleep: 8.75 hour sin bed, 9p-545a, 94% quality. Took a while to fall asleep again (worrying about FIL - able to stop work thoughts, hooray for that perspective) but was pretty solid once I did. I woke often in AM, but got up feeling well-rested. Impressive given the supper-time cookie-binge yesterday.

Healthy Movement: Feeling tight in upper back, though lower body is good. Left foot achey, pissing me off, but I still hit hills with Holea, and the foot was fine during that. Felt energized by the stress (Kill All The Things) rather than defeated (The Things Are Killing Me), plus chatting with my pal, plus hills that FELT good; all good for the brain. We nailed our 5 trips up Victoria, finally, and she was delighted when I later told her that was the ceiling, we aren't now progressing to 5.5, 6, etc. Post-run, tight calves but fine energy.

Fun & Play: Productive work morning. Hills with Holea. Productive at NSS. That's all I've got.

Stress: Father in law is slated to move to nursing home regardless of what may happen this weekend. CAT scan done in AM. He was apparently confused & off-kilter around noon, which was hard on everyone. Rotten results received in PM: brain swelling a teensy bit bigger, but cancer has grown in his lungs, and now is also in his liver. Worst doctor's words possible: "Nothing we can do." No estimate on how long he might last.

And through all of this, I was working, like a fucking jackass. Feeling guilty that I was able to avoid the raw pain and wasn't there with Hop.

Brought home a pile of work reading, grasping for productive things I can do while sitting in a hospital room, which might be much of my weekend, though I selfishly hope I can still escape for my wooded runs to maintain some semblance of peace.

Grateful: For the pain meds that have him feeling okay. Let's not add any more suffering, shall we?

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