Friday, August 23: RD18

Nutrition: Mixed bag. Breakfast before the LCSP run, breakfast afterward, proper snack post-hills. All good. But supper was a salad...and a pint of coconut ice cream. Plus some coconut flakes. And toast.

Acne: Same, but it's disappointing to waste this time on flavored coffee. It's gross after all the great black coffee. Want to hurry up to cashews! Erm, I guess the coconut ice cream is also a test. Some junk in there.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 85% quality. Still waking a lot. Damn this cold! And also, perhaps, the heat: A/C setting is not cranked down to the blissful 50F overnights we recently enjoyed.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling pretty darn good despite the poor sleep. The 5.58m trail run with Britt felt decent, slowed by lungs. Uplifted by a pair of adorable spotted fawns! My uphill running date with Holea turned into a 2.61m downhill running date, as we were both tired and she might be feeling the beginning of sickness. Plus she had to knock out some monster squats afterward. The downhills felt rather crappy - right hip, left foot, right shin, even a touch of the IT bands. High time for a rest day tomorrow.

Fun & Play: PTO. Trailz. Deer! Chatting with Holea. Super lazy evening with my kitties. Indulgent treats.

Grateful: For paleo junk food.

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