Friday, August 16: RD11

Nutrition: Solid. Easy. Had to add some calories in the eve, even. Yeah!

Acne: I literally have a dozen cysts after just a few days of double-servings of almonds. Eff.

Sleep: 9 hours (!!!) in bed, 915p-615a, 91% quality; not very deep sleep, but again sound until about 4a, then cats were running a freaking obstacle course that included the bed and nightstand. Jerks!

Healthy Movement: Got up with stiff feet, all else feeling good. Finally settled firmly on a running plan for the weekend, and headed out for 5.63 miles in the form of run 10min / walk 5min. Easy peasy, which was the goal, saving up for hill repeats with Holea.We did 4.5 trips up, beat last week's paces, and felt better as well. Woo hoo! 2.46m total.

Fun & Play: A run that felt good both physically & mentally. DEER! Time playing with Hank. Two errands nailed. Uber-productivity at NSS. Playing with Holea's pup Mitzi for a whole half hour! Indoor Hank time. Lazy TV time.

Grateful: That I had free time to stay at NSS and play with the Mitz. Tiny dogs are delightful!

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