Wednesday, July 3: W30D17

Nutrition: Snackiness/cravings are out of control. See: handful of cashews AND a Larabar with breakfast. See: indulgent lunch (relatively speaking: pork jerky, Larabar, kombucha.) See: finishing off the cashews after supper. See: poor sleep AGAIN. 

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 84% quality, which is pure bullshit; 60% would be more accurate. I woke up at 215a (not registered on the graph) and lay there for a while until I got up for the bathroom, water, and a couple strawberries; could NOT fall back until after at least 315a, and felt like I was in/out constantly until the alarm buzzed. Rotten. Got up hating the world, especially my own self, because that's what my over-tired brain does to me.

Healthy Movement: Planned on a full rest day, perhaps a walk at lunch at the most. Unfortunately I am a fool for my own class; Travis didn't show, so I joined in with Bob. It felt downright awesome, actually, but I know I should not have done it. I'm pretty sure lack of recovery is the reason my sleep has been such crap the past few nights.

In class did a mixture of banded archer pull-ups, banded pulls, unassisted NG pulls, banded wide-grip pulls. Counting them all, and you can't stop me: 22.

Temperance: Nearly cried reading the Whole30 Daily again. I'm not feeling any magic at all. I'm tired as shit. I'm hating my face. I'm falling back to overeating Larabars and cashews. I'm feeling weak. I'm near tears.

And in this state, I'm planning to do a solo trail run tomorrow? Shitballs. I think I'll plan on going really early, so I can finish before it even hits 70, and I'll walk up even the smallest of hills to make it easier. Keep my expectations nice & low.

Fun & Play: Class. Day-before-holiday carefree-ness.

To turn around my mood, I did this:
-picked on Travis for not showing up to my class, by encouraging donations to his "purple hair" jar

-posted a silly picture in the Well

-Enjoyed a few of my favorites in the park

It mostly worked.

Grateful: For my sleepy sweet doggy, and forgiving kitties.

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