Wednesday, July 24: W30D38

Nutrition: Evidence the poor sleep is catching up to me: Larabars at breakfast. That's not a good trend. Once again I was quite hungry today - afternoon & supper particularly (yesterday was more lunch & afternoon). I had a giant supper (and another LB, idiot) and got to bed early.

At my LAPW lunch, I was provided a special salad & it sucked: iceberg, few slices cukes, few baby carrots, few slices radish. Also? That cost me $10, and I had to come back to my work stash & eat my own chicken sausage & an apple to get a decent meal. From now on: I'm emailing in advance a specific request for a salad w/ plain chicken breast on top. No wonder people can't stick to diets if they are trying to live off a meal of 50 calories. Redonk.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 70% quality. Felt solid until about 4a. Shut the bedroom window which seemed to keep the cats quieter. Hop is now gone until Sunday so hopefully that will help me sleep better, too - I need it. Feeling junkier each day.

Healthy Movement: Magic is fading fast - mild all-over fatigue plus the (new usual) sore shins, achey feet, zing in left knee (which happens whenever I increase running). Was NOT going to do class, then decided to just do a FEW of each move for the mobility benefit, but ended up doing about 30s per station - still, cut down from a full minute. It just felt good once I got started! I did ease off the lower-body moves, made them less taxing.

Met Holea to do sprints after work, but we both admitted we nearly canceled on each other, then discussed why (lotta workouts, poor sleep, various aches), and realized it would be a LOT smarter to take a walk than to sprint. And that was a wonderfully chatty little half hour, totally enjoyable, and I know my body will appreciate it a lot more than sprints. GOLD STAR.

Fun & Play: Class was great: much talking about AC/DC, and also my weekend o' fun - Travis asked if we were all going to be spending the weekend working out. Sadly, I'm still regularly surprised by the perception that I'm hardcore. When will my brain catch up to who I am now?

Fun AM game at work with my team, a mini Amazing Race. Another very productive day of work, plus a little new-desk organizing. Baby steps.

At home, I cleaned, and while I normally hate that - it's for SUCH A FUN REASON that I enjoyed it. I almost teared up this morning when it hit me how much I'm looking forward to seeing the beloved faces of my bestest friends all in one place, for an entire weekend. I want to fast-forward right to Friday, then hit the slow-motion button so it can last as long as possible.

Grateful: For a smart workout buddy, who I only have courtesy of NSS, thus my gratitude extends there, as always.

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