Wednesday, July 17: W30D31

Nutrition: Day 31 of a Whole30. That math don't work!

Acne: Still averaging one new breakout daily. Please. STOP.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 915p-415a, 58% quality. Most of that is due to the length, I'm sure, but also I was in/out at 3a onward until AGAIN a puking Clyde had to be tossed off the bed at 4a, at which point I felt wide awake and rested enough. I really do feel rested, but I'm hoping this 4-day weekend brings NAPS GALORE.

Healthy Movement: Got up with sore lats but that's it. Cool! Did class (man-makers) which felt rather brutal. Thus, awesome. Also, elbows are a little stiff. Come on, bitches, you gotta recover better than this! It is a zero day anyway, but still a bit concerning - haven't been hurting on previous Wednesdays. Attempted a noon run but died a mile in so I did intervals back. Right hip flexor fine during, tightened up a teensy bit afterward. Walked hills with Lisa and Baby Mac in the 90F heat after work. That felt good at least!

Fun & Play: Class was great fun. Sweating like mad! I'm very aware that I can only get away with this in my class, though. I can absolutely see the addiction of a place like CrossFit, but I can also absolutely see that would pummel me directly into the ground. Glad I have a Chief to keep me from this. Afternoon at work flew past nicely, and then I hit hills with a bestie and her baby. Can't beat that!

Grateful: For pork jerky. I will shed pathetic crocodile tears if it has to be eliminated.

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