Wednesday, July 10: W30D24

Nutrition: Doing well. Not too snacky today, hooray! Even on cookie day, when I normally nibble the stray Reese's Pieces, I had no problem ignoring them. Gold star! Black star: a few shortcuts today, because I was eating on the run again, TWICE. Sheesh. Tried to mitigate the Larabars & jerky with a bottle of kombucha. Me likey.

Acne: Seriously still getting new cysts daily. I don't understand. I am feeling so GD frustrated. I am obviously going past 30 days with this. Ugh ugh ugh.

Sleep: Forgot to turn on the sleep app; too tired? In bed 7.75 hours, 845p-430a, I'll call it 90% quality. Woke a few times but kept falling back easily. WIDE awake at 415a, tried to doze a bit, but soon I just got up because I did feel pretty rested. Which is damn good, because no alarm would have buzzed me at 5a!!

Healthy movement: Did class this morning. It felt fantastic, especially since all three of used the same weights...and guess who out-performed the boys! Nothing at lunch, ran errands instead. After work, even more errands, then 2.75m barefoot sprints with Holea, which felt pretty great.

Fun & Play: The Relay fundraising at work was a LOT of fun. It was so much fun that I decided to move tomorrow's session after all. CONTAGIOUS excitement all day long! Plus a half-hour slacker meeting with my team outside, enjoying the sunshine. Ahhhh.

Grateful: For Holea. Holea B awesome!

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