Tuesday, July 9: W30D23

Nutrition: Feeling fine. Little doses of snackiness but I ignored them by asking whether I was truly hungry. Guess what: "no" each time. Shocking, inn't it?

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 71% quality. Shitballs! Up at 245a, h/s/g. Bathroom, water, a few of the chocolate "cookies," and took a while to fall back. Woke often after that. Yesterday was definitely NOT a low-cal day, WTF?

Healthy Movement: Body feels pretty damned good. Session was fantabulous; Dustin relayed to me that last cycle, I missed my final-set bench reps every week. This cycle I've nailed 'em and they've looked pretty awesome. YAY ME!

Fun & Play: Busy busy day. Couple projects and LOTS of Relay for Life things being juggled, and was worried about missing a couple of them on Thursday.

I would have to reschedule my lifting session to attend; I started to email Dustin, but my calendar is ugly as sin, and I was unhappy as I thought about how much I didn't want to move it to another time nor share it with anyone else...so I deleted the email. Staying with my happy "ME" time even though it means missing out on a fun event that I helped to create. That's prioritizing me, and that's fun! 

You know what else is fun? Leaving work early, even if it's only 15 little minutes.

Eve doggy training. I went in with low expectations with my stubborn ol' Hanky. He did all right. Managed well on the final "test" but was a beast waiting his turn: too antsy. Also was told by instructor that German Shorthairs are among the hardest to train. Gah!!

Grateful: That my dad can buff out the scratches from Hank's climb into my unattended car. Naughty dog!

But doesn't he look happy as a clam?

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