Tuesday, July 30: W30D44

Nutrition: Feeling easy again today. Team potluck even worked out okay: shredded roast beef*, fruit, and my own dish (nature's candy).

*The roast beef was sitting in juices that had been thickened with corn starch. I chanced it.

Acne: A few cysts from the weekend. No surprise. Luckily they are healing quickly with the return to strictness.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 97% quality. HELLZ YEAH! Got up at 245a for bathroom, but fell back pretty much immediately.

Healthy Movement: Feet aching when I got up, bit of overall tightness that went away quickly. Shins felt okay today. That makes no sense! Session felt excellent; bench particularly bomb dig.

Fun & Play: Team potluck (kind of lame...we ate in a meeting room, for pete's sake) and decorating. Session. Farewell supper & drinks with Heather & Lars.

Temperance: Discussed Boston with H & L. It is 99% likely to be my very last chance at Boston, unless I rediscover the urge to run road marathons (certainly possible, I'm still young!) AND also re-qualify. The rest of my life would need to revolve around it: no tax firm, no teaching AM class, 9 hours of sleep per night, powerlifting meet from the sidelines, etc.

I now feel like I want to do it. 180˚ swing from, oh, ten days ago!

I have always believed I can do it if I want to do it. If this is a goal I want to achieve, rather than an obligation I should fulfill (which it turned into last year), then I will design the rest of my life to support that goal, and I will be able to do it.

The question has always been: do I really & truly want to make that sacrifice, or do I feel that I should want to make that sacrifice?

Grateful: For understanding friends.

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