Tuesday, July 23: W30D37

Nutrition: Easy peasy, though still trying to land on a lunch that doesn't make me self-conscious about eating amongst the team. Surprisingly hungry today - truly hungry, not just cravings. Not sure why.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 66% quality. Yes, that's accurate. Woke often; cats + open windows = too much nighttime activity!

Healthy Movement: Body feels mostly good, but aches in feet, and shins do not feel good either. Elbows better today than they have been. Overall a bit MEH and I don't know if it's one night of poor sleep or a cumulative effect of being a non-stop workout machine, but either way it's probably great timing to make my weekend a long hike instead of a long run.

Session helped reinforce this as well. Second straight week of disappointing bench (just a little, yes, but mostly it felt harder than it should have) + elbows that are showing diminishing recovery...a weekend of fun, extra caloric intake, and workout deload seems to be needed.

Fun & Play: Planning girls' weekend. Had a very productive work day. Somehow have had two straight days of avoiding Facebook & such distractions. Go me!

Grateful: That almost all of my friends are going to make it to the weekend shindig. I was getting worried that my Buddy might not come and it turns out she totally is and is bringing super tasty W30 treats and now I want to fast-forward right to Friday at 3p. ZOMG SO EXCITED.

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