Tuesday, July 16: W30D30

Nutrition: Well, here I am at day 30. Of how many? My skin is still complete shit, so I shall keep going. I'm getting so paranoid about things that I'm wondering if flavored coffee is a problem. Seriously? This sucks!

My plan is this: 1 serving almonds per day MAX this week. Then no almonds next week, if needed. Then throw in the towel and eat a pizza. Just kidding. My last few suspects are things like almonds, the artifical coffee flavoring, pork jerky (unspecified "spices and natural flavoring" & also possibly "smoke flavor"), chicken sausage (more unspecified spices), and/or anything else that previously has been tolerated JUST FINE and now is not. So fucking frustrating. I think if almond elminination doesn't do it, I might just call Midwest Natural Medicine to see what they could do for me as far as testing and ideas. I'm starting to feel pretty GD defeated, if you can't tell.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 76% quality. Terrible sleep. (I have no idea anymore what the fuck that app is doing.) I was wide awake roughly 2-3a. Woke around 4 to throw a puking cat off the bed. Woke again around 5-ish and dozed a bit. I felt very tired getting up.

Healthy Movement: Lats are incredibly sore. Yesterday's OH Press in class? Sprinting? Right hip flexor is tight, and I sure do know the cause of that one. Feet also a bit achey. Session was great for squats, crap for bench. Just an off day, thinks Dustin, and I have to agree. (That bench is an unforgiving, technical little bastard!)

Fun & Play: Session. Bought Hank a pool, spoiled pooch! But he treated it like a giant water dish. Took him to the baseball game, which he might have enjoyed more if it weren't so damn hot. Two of his favorite wrestling buddies were there, plus three new pooches. The team manager came over to chat with us, and he played chase with Hank, got him running laps. Happy puppy!

Grateful: For the bestest pet store possible; Lea's sponsors Bark in the Park night at every Tuesday home game.

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